Caregivers making a Difference

Kudos to Desiree LePage and Deidre Price, registered CCRR member caregivers.

Desiree and Deidre are childcare providers who went to Castlegar City Council to change the city’s childcare bylaw!

Provincial Childcare Licensing standards allow for 7 children in a Family Childcare setting.  However, the City of Castlegar only permitted 5 children – which limited the number of available childcare spaces in the City.  These two passionate childcare providers advocated for Castlegar to change the bylaw to be in line with Provincial standards and improve services for Castlegar families.

Castlegar City Council, at the March 4, 2019 Regular Meeting, adopted Bylaw 1284 – Zoning Amendment Bylaw. This amendment will now allow for Home Occupation Daycare Services to tend, at one time, up to 8 children per premise.

Congratulations to Desiree and Deidre for having such a positive impact!